About LuChris Tours

Where It All Began

Lu Chris Tours intially began as an idea to facilitate personalised tours and team building excercises targeted at the female market.  It soon became evident that the participating members' partners were displaying more and more interest in joining these tours which were becoming so popular that Christo and Lucia decided to include tours in the intineries where partners and families were included.  Word spread and the rest is history.  Join LuChris Tours on one of their fabulous adventures and you'll be back for more.

Christo and Lucia

Avid outdoor lovers, Christo and Lucia both share common interests when it comes to the outdoors.  With extensive knowledge when it comes to botany, our fabulous countryside, places and activities, this wonderful couple will entertain you for days with their fireside chats.

Christo and Lucia are both adept at hunting and will accompany you when you book a hunting tour with them.  There will be no time at all for you to feel left out of the action.  Assistance and guidance is constantly at hand.

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LuChris Tours

Christo Dreyer +27 (0) 82 440 6766 | Lucia Dreyer +27 (0) 83 453 5193

Tel: 021 869 8278

Email: info@luchristours.co.za