Luderitz To Walvis 4x4

This self drive 4x4 adventure begins at Luderitz were the group assembles at 18h00 the evening before for dinner and briefing before venturing into the dessert the next day.

Day 1

After backtracking for about 30km on the Luderitz to Auss main road it is time to say goodbye to tar roads, starting anadventure of a lifetime.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


Luderitz-Walvis Bay (6 days/5 nights) Desert only: R6250.00 p/p.

Luderitz-Walvis Bay (11 days/10 nights) Cape Town-Desert-Cape Town: R8000.00 p/p.

Conseption Bay (4 days/4 nights) Desert only: R4500.00 p/p.

Conseption Bay (9 days/8 nights) Cape Town-Desert-Cape Town: R5900.00 p/p.

Faces of the Namib (5 days/6 nights) Solitaire - Desert - Walvis Bay:  R6000.00 p/p.

Faces of the Namib (10 days/9 nights)  Cape Town - Solitaire - Desert - Walvis Bay - Cape Town:  R7100.00 p/p

Luderits to Walvis Bay Adventure


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